Tourism is the primary ‘’language’’ to our team & partners so we design, deliver, and implement a qualified strategy covering promotion, market placement, and the activation to destinations, hotels DMCs, and all tourism related products. To be properly branded we will go beyond the basic steps using the ability & intelligence to explore the B2B & B2C universe. And of course, all our services are followed by reports, results analysis & measurement.
Strategic Planning
Designing a customized & directed strategy towards objective results. Our expertise within many fields allow us to detect possibilities, and trends from each Brazilian region that could easily go unnoticed, making the ideal match to you.
Segmented researches with data collected from, but not limited to the tourism segment & the Brazilian consumer in different levels of our economy using the best sources official sources, creating opportunities bringing to each project the proper direction combined with its needs.
Promotional campaigns designed to reach the tourism professional & consumer from the different economy segments. In addition, to add a special flavor we work together with awarded and the best partners one can wish for, putting your brand to the spotlight. Oh yes, also roadshows trainings, seminars & workshops, sales blitz, tradeshow booth design, from productions to implementation. To build a more complete strategy we also develop conventional & out of the ordinary promotional campaigns to both environments.
Want to stand out from the crowd?! We can create events from short to long periods making the promotional strategy more solid and visible, using regional communications tools, that actually relate to the targeted audience.
Publications monitoring, working with the press, and possible crises management is a key tool to a perfect promotion strategy, so fast response can be delivered.